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Toffee Cotton's Story

Toffee Cotton is a life-long passion turned into a creative handmade adventure!

Hi there, my name is Anke. I am the owner and artisan of Toffee Cotton. I am a South African living the Dutch life.

Toffee Cotton is my lifelong passion that turned into a creative handmade adventure!

I print and make a variety of items, for all occasions. Every order is made by hand, all by myself. I love being creative and making clients’ unique wishes come true.

Toffee Cotton is very personal and close to my heart. My son is the inspiration and passion behind Toffee Cotton. My husband and I called our son since his birth by the nickname of “Toffee”. Therefore Toffee Cotton has a very special meaning to me.

I really hope you will also enjoy our unique handprinted designs and handmade items. Every order is made with lots of love. May it also bring joy to you!